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Nuna Leaf - Organic Baby Bouncer

Noise-free, battery/cord-free, toxin free baby bouncer. The Nuna Leaf is an organic baby bouncer, baby rocker and baby swing all in one. This baby swing is multifunctional and turns into a chair to use through childhood. It is sleek with a small footprint, great for even the smallest of spaces. Pair with the Nuna Wind for continous motion or the Nuna Bouncer Toy Bar for continuous fun! See more details


  • Get your baby to sleep and soothe: Unlike other bouncers or swings that just move left to right or up and down, the Nuna Leaf moves similarly to parents rocking a baby (or a leaf in the breeze, hence the name), soothing your baby. With no sound of a motor or squeaks from choppy motions, baby stays calm and resting. A gentle push sets it into motion for up to 3 minutes, while the Nuna Wind keeps this motion going continuously.
  • Safe for the whole family: The Nuna lead has a 3-point harness that is secure and comfy. The seat locks into place and there is no cord, preventing parents or the dog from tripping and toddlers from cord exploration.
  • Use for generations: The bouncer has a small footprint and can be used for multiple purposes, preventing waste and space hogging. This baby bouncer turns into a chair for toddlers to entertain themselves in and for big kids to use as a regular seat, supporting up to 130 lbs! Easily pop out for travel to create comfort wherever you go.
  • Materials:

    • GOTS Organic certified insert
    • Oeko-Tex® fabric
    • Aluminum and steel alloy frame - plastic free!
    • Mesh backing with ventilation to prevent overheating
    • Insert and cover can be removed and machine washed, rest of the seat easily cleaned with a damp cloth.



    • Use from birth to 130 lbs
    • Product dimensions: h 17.7 x w 28 x l 28.6 in
    • Product weight: 12.5 lbs
    • 2015 Mother & Baby Gold Award in the category of Best Bouncy Chair, Rocker or Seat (and 8 other awards!)
    • The difference between the Leaf and Leav Curv is the Curv base is round.


    Additional accessories:

    PeuroBaby Checklist:

    BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free, Flame retardant free, No VOCs, no lead, no Polyurethane, Oeko-Tex certified, GOTS certified

    *Nuna products are designed in the Netherlands and ethically manufactured in China with very strict material and product controls and routine quality audits. 

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