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Bamboo Suction Dish Set

Bamboo plate, cereal and snack bowls with removable with two removable silicone suction feet. Completely BPA, PVC, Lead, and Phthalate free bamboo and silicone combination that suctions to any surface. Wide openings perfect for little ones to reach in and grab snacks, soups, yogurt and more. Perfect for babies to practice baby-led weaning.  See more details



  • Silicone completely removable to continue using dish and bowls with any age and in an elegant setting
  • Made out of bamboo and silicone, and all colors made with natural food-grade dyes 
    • Completely Biodegradable (can be thrown into soil like a plant!) & dishwasher safe
    • Dimensions:
    • Plate – 1.6″ H x 8.3″ D
    • Cereal Bowl – 3″ H x 5.1″ D
    • Snack Bowl – 2.4″ H x 6″ D


      Peurobaby Checklist:

      BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free, Flame retardant free, No VOCs, no lead, no Polyurethane

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