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Q: Why do some items ship directly from manufacturers while others ship from Peurobaby?

A: One of Peurobaby's goals is to provide high quality, non-toxic baby goods to your doorstep as quickly as possible. As such, we have relationships with some brands to ship directly to customers. You will always be notified when this is the case.

Q: But I grew up with all plastic toxic items and I'm fine. Won't my baby probably be fine too?

A: We hope so! There are several answers to this question. Firstly, pollution and pesticides have both significantly increased in our environment. As such, we need to try to balance them by providing non-toxic materials wherever we can. Secondly, health is not a black or white issue. We are always striving to improve quality of life and health issues. Thirdly, health issues, particularly neurological disorders frequently don't show themselves until later in life. We want to set Peurobabies up with their best chance for success!

Q: How do you conduct your research and find products?

A: Through a wide combination of scientific journals and studies, tons of wonderful health and mom blogs, product review sites, direct Q&A with manufacturers, reviews and tutorials online, and hands-on sampling at industry events, and buying products myself. There is not a product on our site I have not hand selected!

Q: Why are there a few products on your site that are made in the US?

A: Although PeuroBaby is primarily inspired by European quality, there are a few products (such as the Snuggle Me Lounger) that are so unique in their functionality and quality that they are not matched anywhere. As such, we want all Peurobaby customers to have easy access to them.